Online Archives

The Camden County Historical Society’s archive and library are a significant resource for researchers interested in historical or genealogical information. We are in the process of digitizing thousands of photographs, maps, and local newspapers to make them accessible online from anywhere in the world!


Please note that our online archive only represents a portion of our physical collection. Staff and volunteers are actively digitizing materials and updating the online catalog each week. To suggest materials you’d like to see digitized, please contact Joshua Lisowski at


The online archive is currently accessible to members of the Camden County Historical Society. Please Scroll down to learn how to access the Online Archive if you are already a member. 

How to Access the Online Archive

There is a three-step process to gaining access to the CCHS Online archives:

Step 1: Create an OCLC account by clicking the button below. The CCHS Online Archive is hosted by contentDM and OCLC, which provides services to libraries, archives and museums. Once you finish making an OCLC account, or if you already have an existing OCLC account, continue to the next step.

Step 2: Linking your OCLC account to your CCHS Membership: Please click the button below to fill out the form to link your OCLC username to your CCHS membership. Once you fill out the form, you should receive access to the CCHS Archive within 1-2 days. (Currently, this is a manually process due to the way we process CCHS memberships. )

Step 3: Log in the CCHS Online Archive with your OCLC account: After you receive an email confirmation that your accounts have been linked, you will be able to log in to the CCHS Online Archive and begin browsing the collections! Click the button below

If you have any difficulty completing the above steps, you can contact Joshua Lisowski at or 856-964-3333

Brief History of the Online Archive Project

In the Spring of 2022, the Camden County Historical Society received a Non-Profit Recovery Program Grant from Camden County Commissioners to make our archive more accessible. We used this grant to digitize nearly 10,000 photographs, 2,000 maps, 100,000 local newspaper pages, and our entire microfilm collection. These digitized materials only represent a portion of our archives, so we also purchased additional equipment to scan more materials in the future.




If you would like to help speed up the process of uploading materials to the CCHS Online Archive, consider volunteering! We are looking for volunteers who can create titles and descriptions for photographs, edit existing descriptions, and check for accuracy in excel spreadsheets. Some projects can be done at home and do not involve traveling to the CCHS. Please contact Joshua Lisowski at or 856-964-3333 to learn about how to volunteer.