Rent Our Facilities

Host Your Special Event or Gathering at THE SOCIETY

1900 Park Blvd, Parkside, Camden

We offer a large auditorium space with seating for 95 people with tables and chairs provided. Our facility boasts a state-of-the-art sound system, wifi, restrooms, an elevator, handicapped accessibility, and a warming kitchen space.

  • Hourly Rental Rates for Business Meetings: $75

  • Weddings and Corporate Events, Indoors: $800

  • Weddings and Corporate Events, Outdoors: $1,000

  • Repast / Family Gatherings, Early Afternoon: $550*

  • Repast / Family Gatherings, Evenings: $575*

  • Baby Showers, Early Afternoon (1 – 5 p.m.): $450**

  • Baby Showers, Evening (5 – 9 p.m.): $500**

*4.5 hours, with 1 hour set up.

**Up to four hours.

Please email or call 856-295-2611 to learn more or make a reservation. Payments are accepted via PayPal. 

Application Stipulations

  • We request a minimum of one (1) month’s notice for all rentals.

  • Applicant is required to set up and decorate in advance

  • $150 cleaning deposit due with application

  • Facility must be returned in the same manner as before the event

  • Trash removed from building and placed in designated bins

  • All ticketed events must be sold in advance, no sales at the door

  • Only wine and beer are permitted, and an ABC Permit is required. All wine and beer packages must be seen/ photographed by staff. Staff reserves the right to examine packages thoroughly. Bringing in any other alcoholic beverages by any guest of or by the rental party will automatically terminate the rental agreement

  • A $1 million insurance rider must be attached to the rental agreement 1 week before the scheduled event

  • A caterer of your choice or your own provision of food is permitted. No cooking allowed in the kitchen or cultural center. Delivery must be 1 hour before the event

  • Only staff is permitted to operate the audio equipment and thermostat inside the premises

  • Deposit will be forfeited, and event immediately stopped if aggressive language, aggressive behavior, and/or disorderly conduct is observed or reported

  • Smoking is not permitted inside or on the grounds of The Society. Please use public sidewalks outside of the building.

  • A debit/credit card must be provided in the name of the responsible renting party at the signing of the rental agreement for any accidental damage to anything on the premises. A copy of the card will be made for the event and destroyed at the end of the event, marking no incidents

  • A separate money order will be needed for cleaning and is refundable if event is canceled

The Camden County Historical Society will be closed from December 24, 2022 to January 2, 2023.